5 Common Misconceptions About Virginity That You Actually Believe!!

The society we live in is pretty nasty and filled with unnecessary judgement oriented individuals. They say we’re progressing towards modernism and adapting ideas of the west but yet we’re stuck to our “roots” that is full of myths and envy amongst each other.

It isn’t a bad thing to stick to the roots you belong to but it is highly irrational when these roots begin to pull you down and stop you from thinking on your own. It is quite strange that people still believe in some utterly nonsensical stuff about things that are as common as periods! And no periods don’t make you impure.

After gender of the baby and menstrual cycle “Virginity” is something that is talked about in a cringe-worthy manner. It is shocking how people still have such narrow mindset about it.

It is high time you clear your mind and start afresh with knowledge because that has never harmed anybody! Here are a few things that you should stop believing about virginity:

1. The hymen is broken….you’re impure!!

The hymen is the “seal” which can tell about a woman’s chastity. But, no woman’s chastity depends on the existence of the hymen. Some have it and some by birth, don’t!

2. Did you lose your virginity?

First of all, the word lost is a not a bright idea. Nobody can create a random idea that would outrightly point at a woman being a virgin or not. Additionally, the hymen can tear due to a lot of physical activities like cycling, horse riding and dancing. Sex isn’t the only thing that will determine this.

3. You drowned the family’s name by having sex before marriage!

It is not necessary that one needs to have sex in order to lose the big V. A little art called masturbation too could cause that. A little self-pleasing isn’t that bad after all!

4. Losing chastity is painful

Deflowering is a painful process and that’s the experience of the girl. This is the unfortunate norm of patriarchal society. Apparently, you won’t feel the pain if you’re prepared both physically and mentally to get deflowered!

And finally….

5. A virgin Kanya is pure and pious

For years men have preferred virgin women over the others. They do this just because they believe that the virgin girls are more resilient to establish the rights of their ‘husband’ on the body and mind of the woman.

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