6 Tips Your Mom Never Told You About Marriage

Every person, especially women, have dreams when it comes to their marriage and life after. Blessed are the people who enjoy a fairytale marriage and a hassle-free married life. Marriage often brings about a sea of changes in one’s life. While some sail through smoothly, many face a turbulence. A blissful and happy married life is one where you learn to appreciate the rose in spite of the thorns. There are things that every person should know about marriage and the life that follows soon after.

Marriage is synonymous to compromise

Many people believe that compromise can break a relation rather than make it. The truth may, however, be different. A little compromise coming from both the partners is indeed healthy, an indication that both the partners value their relationship. Your happiness will always be top priority but caring about others will make your life a lot more blissful. With marriage be prepared for small sacrifices and compromises, but make sure you are not the only person compromising in the relation.

New house, new responsibilities

With marriage, you enter a new house with new responsibilities. Adjusting with the in-laws, especially for the bride may not be easy. While most in-laws are understanding, some can be hard nuts to crack, making things difficult for you. In fact, every bride at some point have some issues with their in-laws. To every problem, there will be a solution. Have some patience and at least make an effort to win their hearts. Sooner or later, things will fall into place.

Compatibility is the foundation of a healthy marriage

Do not marry a person because he/she looks good or is financially well off. A marriage without trust and compatibility is as dead as a dodo. Trust and compatibility function like oxygen that makes a marriage work by overcoming all odds.

You become a multitasker

Before marriage, you seldom had to look after the household chores. From selecting the daily menu to your clothes, your mother was there to care about everything and that too with perfection. After marriage, the equation undergoes an unbelievable change (especially if you are living away from the in-laws). From managing the house to taking care of the professional commitments, you don’t even realize when you become a multitasker. 

Fights and arguments are an integral part of a married life

When two people stay together, it is natural for them to have a difference of opinion. Believe it or not, but it is these small fights and arguments that bring a couple even closer. What is important is how you handle the situation. Dragging a fight unnecessarily long is not a healthy practice. If you have a problem, discuss it with your partner and be done away with it. Never involve a third person (not even your or your partner’s parents and siblings) in your fights. The consequences may do your marriage more harm than good. 

Draping a saree like a pro

For newly wedded couples, festive, social gatherings, and parties are never-ending. Festive and traditional wear, especially sarees go hand in hand. One complements the other. For a person who has always been into western wears and casuals, a saree can be a nightmare. However, with few initial jitters and failures, you will soon master the art of draping a saree.

No person is born perfect. We all come with our shares of weakness and demerits, including your partner. Do not make the mistake of letting that out in public or among friends and family members. While it may be unintentional and all fun for you, your partner might feel insulted and embarrassed.

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