10 Things I have learnt since becoming a parent

I was the youngest child of my parents. So naughtiness was in my genes. Every toy used to get broke because of me. I was very much pampered kid, but yes I was very responsible too. That is only the plus point I have, I believe. I am being blessed with two beautiful daughters. They have changed my life, my perceptions, everything. I have learned a lot of positive things after becoming a mother which I have not been able to learn as being the child. I would like to share few of them.

1. For becoming a good parent, you have to keep a lot of patience. When I was the kid, I remember very well that I never had patience. I always wanted to get my work done by anyhow. My parents used to advise me that I should not behave like this as Patience is the key to success but I never used to listen. 

Now, I am a bundle of Patience. My both daughters have taught me very easily that I have to keep a lot of patience in order to get my work done. I am sure that all mums can relate to me at this point. At the of feeding, potty training, diaper changing and much more, we have to be patient as left with other option. 

2. In order to teach some good to your kid, you have to learn well. Yes, you read it right! Learn well. I would like to explain myself with the help of an example. At the time of giving potty training to your kid, we seek for good advice, we search in google for help and even we read some experienced mother’s blog too. So what we do actually? We learn. So, in short, in order to be a good teacher, we have to be a good student too.

3. Be mannered.  When we teach manners to our kid I believe each of us has to be full of manners and etiquettes. So, it happened with me too. Earlier even I was mannered, but how far I believe we do not apply our moral values to daily lives. But since being a mother and in order to set a practical example in front of kids, I have to prove myself. That’s a good thing, I believe.

4. My friends used to tell me at my college times that I was always a good speaker, but now I am a good listener. My both daughters are too much talkative, and being the kid they have a lot of things to share and discuss. I love listening to their thoughts and their stories (which they actually copy after listening to my bedtime stories). I am happy that I am now a good listener too despite being a good speaker (in front of my husband). 😀

5. When being the spinster, I never used to mingle much with kids. As I never understood their psychology and their behavior. Now, honestly, I love being with kids. Children have such a power that they attract all of us. Children are very true to their heart, they never lie. And this honesty, I have learned after becoming a parent. I feel lucky of myself that I have so wonderful daughters. 

I accept that parenthood is not at all an easy task, but it is a wonderful task. We understand our true identity. So do not get misunderstood, always love it.

Happy Parenting!

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