5 Things You Should Never Ever Say to A Single Mother

Raising a child is not easy and is actually a feat of its own. But then when you have to raise a child alone and by your own self, it sometimes tends to become difficult. And then, being in a patriarchal society that just does not want to change, it is seen as an even worse thing that a mother is raising her child without a husband. Even if she is giving the best care and attention to her child, people still end up judging her. But this has to stop and that starts now and here. Below mentioned are 5 things that you should not say to a single mother. We can work on the thinking after some time but let’s stop saying things at least.

1. “Isn’t it nice to have a man in the house?”

Even scientists and research analysts haven’t been able to find out the reason why people believe this. In some cases, it is actually bad having a “man” in the house. A mother is just as capable of raising her own child. It’s high time we stop saying that.

2. “Aren’t you going to get married again soon?”

Another suggestion that people start giving to the single mothers is that they should get married again soon. And the reason they give is that the mothers will not be able to sustain themselves and raise a child if they don’t have an adult male in the house. Just stop and actually try to understand them. Maybe they are more happy not being with someone.

3. Saying sorry when you get to know that they are a single mom

Why are you sorry? And what are you sorry about? There is no reason at all for you to be or say sorry just because she is a single mother. Maybe every once a while you can congratulate her and appreciate her for being such a good mother. There is a difference between helping someone and showing pity to someone. The former is what helps people grow while the later destroys lives.

4. “You just can’t work hard enough”

A problem that single moms face in their workplace is that they are considered less competent than their coworkers. Just because they have a child to take care of doesn’t mean that they cannot be efficient and cannot work hard. What you should do is actually encourage them if they are trying to take on a new venture. This is an important aspect that is very rarely seen in the work environment these days.

5. “You are a threat to married couples”

Just because a woman is single and a mom does not in anyway that she spends all her time in searching for a man and tries to get anyone who is well-to-do. This is one of the biggest and gravest of misconceptions. There are high chances that she doesn’t want any man at all in her life and is happy and satisfied. Don’t make assumptions and do not feel unnecessarily threatened by them.

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