Home-Made Bathing Powder And Its Uses For Your Baby

All moms wish that their baby grows up to be a healthy, smart and beautiful individual. But just a handful of them know what needs to be done to make their child’s skin look flawless and perfect. One such product that helps in keeping skin diseases away and giving a natural shine to your baby’s skin is Bathing powder.

How to prepare it?

Before soaps, shower gels and bath bombs were invented, it was the age of bathing powders that were much more beneficial for the skin and the best part about them was that they were made right at home. You can make it too.

1. Take equal quantities of rice, green gram, and chana dal and grind them all together.

2. Add a pinch of turmeric and a few tablespoons of Multani mitti to the ground mixture.

3. Take a few methi leaves (also called as fenugreek leaves), betel leaves, neem leaves, rose petals and leave them out in the sun to dry.

4. Grind them to a powder-like consistency and add it to the first-made powder.

5. The powder is now ready and can be stored in an air-tight container for a long time.

There are also different versions of bathing powder, one such variant is shown in the video below

Take a required quantity of this powder and mix it either with water or milk and apply it in a scrubbing motion all over the body. Wash it off with warm or cold water. This will get rid of any dirt particles present on the surface level of the skin by exfoliating the dead cells away. It’ll also keep the acne at bay. 


A therapeutic bath: Before bathing your baby with the mixture, apply pure coconut or sesame seed oil all over their tiny torso and limbs and massage it well. You can then go on to use the bathing powder as described above. The combination of coconut oil and bathing powder is also known to reduce cough and cold in babies. You don’t need to follow it up with a soap either.

Fine hair: Babies who are younger than a year old are known to have fine hair all over the body. A bathing powder is known to get rid of this fine hair but it’s important that you don’t scrub too hard. This will irritate your child’s skin making it red and bruised. The fine hair will go away on their own so don’t pay too much heed to it.

Even complexion: Even complexion is toning out the skin so that the face and the body are of the same colour. It’ll give a natural glow to your baby’s skin that will last with him even as she grows. 

Disclaimer – Sometimes babies have an allergic reaction to bathing powder. It might be because of certain ingredients or just the texture. Whatever it is, if you notice any redness or rashes stop using the powder. 

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