5 Risks Related to a Cesarean Delivery No one Tells You

Childbirth and delivery are one of the most beautiful and yet dangerous things that happen to both the mother and that new life. A slight mistake or complication and both the mother and the child can come under risk. But then when we talk about a cesarean delivery, these risks increase even more. And thus, to educate you about such risks, we have compiled a list.

1. Maternal mortality can be 5 times more

A cesarean delivery is a major surgery and thus it is susceptible to more complications. According to the World Health Organisation, the maternal mortality rate can be as high as 5 times more than normal delivery if the mother undergoes a cesarean delivery. This is one of the biggest and major risks that are associated with a C-section.

2. Longer recovery time

Being a surgical procedure, a cesarean delivery ultimately leads to longer time spent by the mother and daughter in the hospital. And then, you will have to take a bunch of precautions more for at least 5-6 months. These precautions often tend to become troublesome when you have a little baby to take care of.

3. The baby will be sleepy because of the anaesthesia

Another problem that happens after a cesarean birth is that since you are given an anaesthesia its effects travel to the baby as well and even the baby is a bit sleepy. This is not a good thing to happen as a child’s wellbeing is actually determined by their crying and activeness immediately after birth.

4. It increases chances of complications in future pregnancies

If you have a cesarean, it could also increase the risk of your having certain complications in future pregnancies. These include complications like a uterine rupture, placenta previa, where your placenta covers your cervix, and placenta accreta or abnormal placental attachment. Thus, you should be pretty sure before getting a cesarean done that you absolutely need it.

5. They can affect the child’s breathing

A cesarean delivery can be a very different experience for a baby, just as it is for the mother. Because of the speed with which the baby is born, without being squeezed through the narrow birth canal, breathing issues may occur right after birth. Babies born from a C-section usually require a little more help with their breathing just after delivery than babies born the traditional vaginal route.

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