9 Ways To Know That Your Baby Loves You

Babies are every mother’s heart and soul for they are actually a part of their mother in every which way. The bond between a mother and her baby is the purest form of any relationship. This bond keeps getting enriched with all the daily activities a mommy does for her child. The best part about this is the baby’s reciprocation and his cute little ways of acknowledging it! 

With every effort, the bond between the mother and her child keeps getting stronger and finally they become attached to each other forever!

Here are 9 adorable ways that will tell you how your baby loves you just the way you do:

1. The master weapon- Breastmilk

Praise the Lord for he has given you the quality of producing breast milk. Your carry a peculiar kind of smell which is perceived by your baby and that’s what draws him close to you. The aroma of your breast milk is enough to attract the baby and fulfil his hunger needs.

2.Your expressiveness is understood

When you make facial expressions, your baby is able to understand the meaning. It is evident when your baby and you are playing a game as simple as peekaboo! He correctly responds to your expressions with his cute little giggles.

3.Little smooches

Don’t you just love it when your baby comes and plants a sloppy little kiss on any area of your face! That toothless mouth would just come randomly and leave you blushing all happy and ready to face the day. That’s exactly how he expresses his love for you.

4. The staring game

It is comical when your baby stares at you with those twinkly eyes. It is sooo cute and automatically there’s a smile on your face. Since smiling is contagious, your baby will smile back at you as he’s looking into your eyes.

5. Mamma carry me!!

It is adorable when kids raise their hands in the air and tell you to pick them up because they want the warmth, love and affection.

6. That nautanki wala crying

That melodramatic crying your baby engages in when he wants attention. He would simply point at a dot and indicate that he’s hurt and withering in pain. If you notice, there are no tears and it’s all just voice. The second you pick him up, that’s when there’s silence followed by giggles!

7. He likes to play with you


 He loves playing chase with you. So he’ll crawl in your direction and quickly turn around and crawl away. He’ll look at you just to see if you’re playing with him or not. He’ll initiate playing games with you!

8. He hates it when you leave

Even if it is as simple as going to the washroom, your baby hates it. He wants to be with you no matter where you’re going and what you’re doing. He feels a need to see you each and every second.

9. The imitation games

Your baby will imitate whatever you’re talking. Although it will not make sense because obviously, your baby still hasn’t learned how to speak. He will mumble and speak in gibberish. He will nod his head pretending like he is understanding everything you’re saying.  

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