Why Your Child Needs To Have A Furry Companion

“We have more to learn from animals than animals have to learn from us.” — Anthony Douglas Williams

Pet animals are the best companions anyone could have. They love you in the same way whether you are in good mood or bad, whether you win or lose, whether you are successful in life or a failure. Furry companions usually exemplify the wide range of relationships possible between humans and nonhumans. Here are the wide range advantages your child will benefit from having furry companions around them.

1. Teaches compassion and empathy:

To take care of a furry companion, we need compassion, understanding, and empathy. And the children can sense the animal’s feelings, hunger, pain, and happiness instantaneously. And they carry over the same compassion and empathy to all relationships and take care of the basic needs of others.

2. Responsibility:

Pets just like other human beings need food, exercise, and affection every day. And also, grooming and potty time also unavoidable. The parents can teach their children how to take care of another living being by feeding, playing (for younger children) and cleaning up the potty (for older children). This could be important life lessons in understanding the shared responsibilities and caregiving.

3. Higher Self-esteem:

Pets show unconditional love and understand and obey your child. This could be a great boost to a child’s self-esteem. This also gives your child the satisfaction of having the responsibility and caring for the needs of your pet. Also, the children with the furry companion are cheerful and come out of depression more easily.

4. Trust: 

Pets are known for being the most trusted companions. It is easy to pour out your heart in front of your pet and still get unshaken love and support. This kind of behavior from your pet could teach your child to build trust in other relationships in life.

5. Respect: 

The pets need the gentle touch. This could teach your child how to respect others. They must touch gently, respond to others needs, learn not to disturb while eating or sleeping are the life lessons your child could learn.

6. Loyalty: 

Furry companions are known for their loyalty. This unbeaten loyalty teaches you the importance of loyalty in life.

7. Physical Activity:

Either playing tug-of-war or fetch or go for walks with the pet, all of these could always improve the mood instantaneously and it is fun too. These kind of physical activities are absolutely necessary for your child’s health and development. And the furry companion can help you in doing that.

8. Patience:

Patience is utmost important for your child while dealing with his furry companion. Bonding with a new pet takes time. Also, getting comfortable in new place and during its training, your pet will take time. All these teach patience to your child.

9. Social skills:

Your furry companions can be amazing social “ice breaker”. Taking it for a walk with family could improve child’s social interaction skills. Pets may also help autism affected children in developing communication and social skills.

10. Bereavement:

If a pet passes away, your child will inevitably have to face the pain of loss and deal with it. This will help your child to cope with pain and make your child emotionally strong. This also teaches your child to fulfill the pet’s needs, including comforting contact, love, and affection.

11. Good Academic performance:

The boost in academic performance is one of the surprises that come with having a pet. It may be because of high self-esteem that child has which comes as a benefit of having a furry companion.

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