7 Dangerous Food Combinations That Are Best Avoided

You know that the gulab jamun you had the other day did nothing to make you healthier and neither did that pizza. ‘Fresh fruits and veggies for life’ – This might be your motto but they can be dangerous too if not consumed properly. Here are a few food combinations that appear seemingly innocent but are actually toxic to your health.

1. Food and water/Juice

Most of us Indians have the habit of always having a glass of water handy while having meals. But sipping on water while having food is not that good. Water will dilute the acids in your stomach which will make it difficult for your body to break down carbohydrates, protein, and fats. It is advised to drink water at least 10 minutes before you have your lunch, this will actually reduce how much food you have.

2. Lemon and cough medicine

Cough medicines and other drugs need to be broken down for them to work. But the acids in the lemon can block the enzymes that are required to break down medications. This will lead to building up of these substances in the bloodstream causing various side effects.

3. Milk and citrus fruits/Juice

Milk and cereal and Orange juice is a classic breakfast combo. But have you ever seen what happens to milk if a drop of lemon juice falls in it? It curdles the milk. Something similar happens in your stomach too.

The casein in milk and the acids in orange juice form a heavy mucus-like substance. But this doesn’t mean you skip the OJ, just have it about 30 minutes before you have your cereal or oatmeal.

4. Protein with Carbs/Starch

Protein and carbohydrates are not a good combination. An example of this is meat and potatoes or bread. The carbohydrate ferments and the protein putrefies making them counteract. This will lead to gas, bloating and flatulence. If you are someone who has this combination very frequently then your body will build up resistance to it but if you’re a newbie, best skip it.

5. Bananas and milk

Who doesn’t love a thick banana smoothie or milkshake? It’s delicious but it’s also potentially dangerous because it sits heavy in the stomach. Your best bet is to use very ripe bananas and add a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon to get the digestive juices flowing.

6. Yogurt with fruits

Yogurt/Curd contains a lot of bacteria in it that will act on the sugar present in the added fresh fruits. This will tear down your body’s resistance leading to cold, allergies and other toxins related diseases. Unflavoured yogurt at room temperature is the safest thing for you to have. But if it’s too bland for your taste, add some raisins or honey.

7. Olive oil and nuts

A lot of people complain of feeling sick after having the combination of olive oil and nuts. This is because the protein in the nuts and fat in the oil do not mix. Because the fat takes longer to digest it also stops the protein from being digested too.

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