5 Signs Of Female Infertility You Should Know About

One of the most joyous moments in a woman’s life is when she finds out she is pregnant. The mere thought of having a child in their midst is enough to bring happiness in not just the mother’s life but that of the entire family. And thus, it becomes all the more important for the mother to keep a lookout on not only her general health but also on her fertility health as well. Though there are a lot of cases where the mother is unable to conceive and needs to opt for alternative methods, there are, however, some signs and symptoms that can tell you that you might be edging towards infertility. So, in order to help you keep an eye out for them, we have made a list of 5 such signs.    

1. Abnormal uterine bleeding

Fibroids are generally known to cause abnormal uterine bleeding. Fibroids are basically benign tumours that form when the muscle tissue in the uterus overgrows. These fibroids, however, are also known to be a cause of infertility. Thus, it is important that you take treatment or consult a doctor.

2. Facial hair growth

The testosterone hormone which is also known as the male sex hormone is actually present in females too. But, in women, it is present in low levels. However, there are chances that due to an increase in the testosterone levels, you might notice more facial hair than normal, especially on the upper lip or chin. Abnormal hair can also sprout up on the chest and abdominal region while you experience hair thinning on the front of your scalp. In order to get pregnant, it is important that this hormonal imbalance is cured first.

3. Periods going haywire or not coming at all

Yes, an absence of periods is actually one of the first markers of the woman being pregnant in most of the cases. But, in some cases, however, missing periods are actually a sign of infertility. And not just absent periods, if your periods have started becoming more painful or have changed their schedule and come at irregular times then that too is a sign that your down below is going a bit haywire and you might be inching towards infertility.

4. Pain in the back, pelvis or abdomen

PID can cause scar tissue to develop in the fallopian tubes. These scars or abscesses make it hard for the egg to reach the womb, creating an additional hurdle for pregnancy. It has actually been seen that almost 1 in 10 cases of PID results in infertility, with the risk ever increasing the longer treatment is delayed.

5. Excess pain during or after having sex

Sex is not meant to be painful. But if you are experiencing pain during or even after intercourse then endometriosis might be the issue. This condition is known to be a major cause of infertility. And that is not all. Besides feeling pain around sex, your bowel movements too might become painful. If something like this happens then it recommended that you consult your doctor immediately.

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