Is Your Kid Turning Into A Spoiled Brat?

If your child throws endless tantrums, disrespects you or talks back, you might let it go considering him a little child. But sometimes overindulgence can make for one ill-behaved kid. It’s extremely difficult to draw a line between being kiddish and being a spoiled brat. If your family members have already started saying “your kid is a brat” then it’s an alarming sign that your love is over boarding the limits of your kid’s world. Before your kid gets drowned into the river of selfishness or gets finicky by immersing into the chocolate factory of your love, it’s high time that you need to control his behaviour. The later you try to control him, the harder it becomes to see results with your child. It’s easy to mould a spoiled child in the earlier age but much harder to turn a critical eye on ourselves. Here’s a checklist of 4 signs that indicate that you might be raising a spoiled child.

1. Mr etiquette less( Bye Bye etiquettes)

“Thank You” and “Sorry” are the two golden words that can fix the broken heart and open the gateway to a great relationship. If your child has forgotten to show these basic etiquettes to others then you need to admit that your child is growing into a spoiled brat. You need to teach your child to be generous and polite with others. The best part about teaching these skills is that every day there’s the opportunity to practice. For instance, parents can give gifts to their kids, cook something special and teach them to thank them in return.

2. A finicky lad

Kids act stubborn at times but if it’s happening again and again then you can’t ignore their behaviour considering them a tiny tot. If your kid sits down on the floor in the supermarket and refuses to go home because you won’t buy the super tasty chocolate, you can try diverting his attention by saying, “Hey, we have tasty ice cream at home!” Children usually have short attention span which makes it easier to divert their attention.

3. Tantrum King

Tantrums are, unfortunately, a fact of childhood and kids often don’t know how to pull themselves together but if your kid starts howling, fainting and going out of control over every other thing then you need to realize that it’s time for a reality check. You might need to step into his shoes to understand his situation as every child has different reasons to throw a fit. Remember, your response to your kid’s tantrum will have a big impact on whether they continue doing it or not.

4. Sharing is not caring

It is a bit difficult for the little ones to master the skill of sharing but as a kid grows and becomes mature he finds joy in sharing. If your kid is above the age of 4 but is not willing to share his toys and chocolates then a spoiled brat is quietly gazing at you. If your child demands things from others but refuses to share his things then chances are that your shopkin is turning into a bratkin. The only way you can tackle his behaviour is by involving him into more group activities and asking him to share his favourite bunny or toy train as you organize play dates or other group activities for him.

Parents are becoming more detrimental to get more on board with, ‘Hey … let’s change our parenting strategy. It’s never too late to adopt these smart strategies before your kid falls into a garbage chute or gets drowned into the sea of selfishness. We all make mistakes — the point is to admit it and move forward! 

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