5 Tips To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

You just gave birth to a beautiful little human and despite the hardships, you’ve entered a new world where everything is different and quite happy. You’re going to feel a little miserable looking in the mirror and comparing your body to what it was back then, but don’t let that ruin the moment. Remember that it is all a part of a natural body process and eventually, with some inputs from your side, you can find your way back to the pre-baby body again. However, remember that you need the green signal from your doctor before exercising again and that takes a minimum of six weeks. So don’t be in a hurry to begin.

1. Find a routine

Not every gym routine works for everybody. You have to find a routine that suits you and your lifestyle. You might have to take it a little slower if you’ve had a c-section birth instead of a normal delivery. And if you can’t catch up with the routine, it’s perfectly okay to cut yourself some slack and change it.

2. Make a group

Once you’ve got your routine in place, it’s much easier to follow it if you’ve got a group doing it with you. On days where you don’t feel like getting up, your friends are going to give you the motivation you need and you’ll find yourself missing lesser sessions than if you were alone. Other new moms also form the best companions to chat with about your little one.

3. Breastfeed

Breastfeeding is known to help moms lose quite a few calories every feeding. However, don’t extend the breastfeeding to this cause. Also remember that once you stop breastfeeding, you’re going to have to cut down on your calorie intake as well if you want to maintain a standard weight or if you’re looking to lose some.

4. Eat right

Avoid empty calories and junk food. To make it easier for yourself, remove these items from your kitchen entirely. Keep healthy wholesome foods at hand that you can eat when you’re hungry. Don’t put yourself on a diet just yet as your body still needs it’s nutrition more than ever, just watch what you’re eating. Along with the right diet, make sure your body is adequately hydrated as well.

5. Sleep

This may be a little hard to catch up on, but it is quite essential. When your body is tired all the time from lack of sleep, the less motivation and energy you have to get up and exercise. It also makes you crave more junk food to consume, and both of these are not desirable if you’re looking to cut down on some calories.

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