How To Make Children’s Day Special For Your Kids

Children are truly a gift from God for they always brighten up our lives. They are so little and innocent that they melt our hearts with their little acts. Remember that time when your little one made you a greeting card for your birthday? Didn’t you have tears of joy in your eyes and did you not find that little present to be the best you’ve ever received! Your child loves you a lot no matter what you do.

Moreover, he must be the apple of your eyes for he makes you happy and proud at the same time. Apart from celebrating a grand birthday, there’s something else that you’ve been missing out on. “Children’s Day!!” is what I’m talking about. It is widely recognized as a day of celebration of childhood. Unfortunately, we have been treating it as a just another day.

If you actually think about it carefully, you’ll realise that this day holds importance only in the schools. That’s probably because you dress up your child really cute and send them off to school for some celebrations. However, that’s not it. Children’s day is not just a regular school event where there are fun and gala just on the school campus.

It is a joyous day and you should celebrate your child’s innocence. Since it is losing its spark, it is time for you to sprinkle your magic! Why don’t you do something special for your child this year! Surprise your kids by doing something exciting and fun. You must be thinking of what you could do to make them feel special! There’s nothing more fun than seeing your child laugh and smile with you, so here’s what you can do: “Become a child all over again!” Don’t even think twice before unleashing your inner child.

Kids love it when their parents stop being their usual self and do something ‘zara sa hatke’. Spend time with your kids, take them to McDonald’s, malls or any other fun place! Take part in fun activities with your kids and watch them unfurl into happy beings! If you feel like spending time indoors, you can engage in creative bonding activities like cooking together! Baking a sweet pie sounds cool, doesn’t it? Since you have been so strict with them for the past couple of days, it’s time for you to loosen up a few strings.

Kids love eating things you tell them not to and chocolates happen to be every child’s favourite treat! Since chocolate is as sweet as the bond with your child, why wait for ‘peheli tareekh’? Pop some meetha this children’s day and make your child’s day extra special! 


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