Delhi Air Pollution Threat – Are You Safe Indoors?

Recently, air quality in Delhi has been the only and the most prominent highlight of the news all across India. With the pollution levels crossing all possible expectations and even the devices kept in place by the government started failing, people started taking their own readings of the pollution. The outdoor air pollution level has increased so much in Delhi and surrounding areas that the schools have to shut down in order to protect the little ones from getting ill because of it. People all around the capital have started wearing masks and even after the condition going this bad no one seems to know how to approach it and what exactly to do.

Even the authorities are drawing a blank in this situation and the only remedy that seems to be coming out of all this is that authorities are urging people to go out less and wear masks everytime they go out. And as people are struggling with this magnitude of pollution for the first time, they have started staying indoors more to protect themselves and their families.

Yes, the outdoor air is polluted but that does not mean that the indoor air is not polluted. Research has shown that indoor air is 10 times more polluted than the outdoor air. This means that how much ever polluted air you are breathing in your outdoors, that pollution gets multiplied 10 times when you are inside your home. You cook food in your house, spray anti-pest sprays, use chemical cleaners and disinfectants, have carpets and rugs that are tough to clean. All of these release air pollutants that are bad for your health. This misconception that by staying indoors you will be able to evade all the pollution is not true and there are high chances that you and your family are breathing polluted air indoors, which could make you ill.

Now, in this time of peril, the question arises that if even the indoors are this polluted then what exactly can be done in order to have a healthy and safe breathing space. Well, we have a solution just for you. We bring to you something that will not only clean your indoor air but will also help give your family a breath of clean and healthy air that is sure to make them more active and disease free in these times of high levels of pollution. In order to filter and purify the air in your house, you can use air purifiers.

This product has recently become famous in a lot of countries including India due to the increasing pollution levels globally. Air purifiers have multiple air filters put in them. There is a port from which the air is sucked in into the filter and passes through the machine which cleans the air and adds some much-needed minerals to the air. And then this healthy air exits through the port. Slowly and steadily, the air in the room gets purified and all the harmful bacteria, microbes, and other allergens present are trapped inside the filter.

But, getting the right air purifier for your home can be troubling and with the multitude of companies present, it is a challenge of its own. So, to ease your troubles we would like to suggest an air purifier that we ourselves have been using. With Dr. Aeroguard Air Purifier you can keep your home healthy and disease free. It’s 9 stage filtration ensures that the air indoors is free of large particles, microorganisms, odour, pet dander, VOCs, etc. You can be confident that using Dr. Aeroguard air purifiers in your home will help protect your family from allergies, respiratory illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, colds and others.

The purifier we are recommending not only filters out the air but also adds vitamin C to it which helps improve the breathing and allows more oxygen to be absorbed by the red blood cells. Also, it is easy to operate and provides smooth functioning which thereby makes it highly user-friendly. So, stop thinking about anything else and make your home a safe and pure breathing place with Dr. Aeroguard air purifier and help your children breathe healthy air.

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