Pregnancy: Society VS. Pregnant Women

When you are pregnant, your body goes through a number of changes. The changes include hormonal changes, swelling, stretch marks and hair growth in unexpected areas. Nobody understands pregnancy better than pregnant women – and nobody understands your pregnancy better than you do.

Yet, everybody else around us, especially men, think they have a right to tell us what we should and should not do while we are pregnant. Have you ever felt this way? Like you are being judged and treated unfairly? Read on and see if you can relate to the most common things that happen in our society:

Asking for a seat on public transport

You are carrying an extra 2-3 kg (of tiny human) inside you, everywhere you go. This can get tiring and cause a lot of back pain. So when you are travelling by public transport – a train or a bus – it is best for you to sit down and rest yourself. If someone offers their seat to you, you don’t have to apologise – just thank them and sit down. There is no need to be apologetic about it because this is a necessity. Don’t shy away from asking for a seat either.  

Eating junk food once in awhile

It is normal for pregnant women to have cravings when pregnant. But it is important for moms to eat healthy while pregnant – every mom already knows this. Society feels the need to constantly remind us about it and shames us when we reach out for that samosa or ice cream. Contrary to what they may think, it is perfectly alright to indulge in an occasional ice cream – the dairy is good for you after all!

Talking about your baby bump 24/7

When you meet up with your friends, all you talk about is your pregnancy – nausea, pains, little kicks, ultrasound, and all the changes you are going through. All you spoke about before pregnancy was about how badly you wanted a baby. Your friends are probably going to get bored listening to you and might even tune your voice out when you talk about it. This is not because they don’t care – it is just because they can’t relate. You can give them a heads up and let them know that these talks are going to double once your baby is born!

The uncontrollable mood swings

When you are pregnant, you are going to happy one minute and angry the next. This is not something that you can control. You may end up saying things you don’t mean to say or say something that is misinterpreted. This is unlike your nature and everyone who has known you from before you got pregnant knows that maybe the hormones talking. Let them know that it is just a phase and that you should be back to your normal self soon enough.

The unavoidable skin-show

There is a chance that when you are out and about, your baby bump will do a little peek-a-boo through your clothes. You would quickly pull your clothes over it, walking away with your face looking down. There is no need to feel ashamed about it. It is not easy to find clothes that are comfortable and cover your baby bump completely. If your baby bump does show occasionally, it is alright – you don’t have to be sorry about it.

When you are not that social anymore

Your friends are going to tell you that you won’t find time to be social after you have kids. Then, they will tell you that you need to attend every social event they are invited to while pregnant. Although it is partly true that you won’t be able to go out as often once you have kids, it is not necessary for you to strain yourself to attend every event. Also, if you feel like leaving a party early, then go ahead! You don’t have to apologise for looking after yourself and your baby. 

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