How Long After Childbirth Will Your Bleeding Stop?

Most new moms don’t have much of an idea about the kind of changes their bodies go through after they’ve given birth. If you thought that your pregnancy phase was the only one which changed your body, then get ready for some shock, because your body is going to take some time to come back to normal!

One of the things that worries new moms most after childbirth is the bleeding. Many factors affect changes in your vagina, stomach, uterus and this in turn leads to bleeding in your vagina. You might continue to bleed for several days after giving birth to your baby. This is in order to shed the excess blood and tissue that you body required for the baby but doesn’t anymore.     

After having spent nine months without wearing a pad or worrying about blood flow every month, it might initially seem irritating and frustrating to wear a pad for so long, but if you don’t want to see your favourite clothes getting stained, then it’s a pain you’ll have to endure!


So how long is the bleeding going to last and what is the normal amount of bleeding?

Usually, bleeding may go on up to 30 days, and women may continue to spot blood for 8 weeks after giving birth. 

New mothers will bleed red and dark-coloured blood because it would be blood tissue, but as the days pass the colour might even change to brown or orange-ish.

A sanitary napkin might help control the flow, but if you have heavy bleeding, then we suggest you put on at least two pads. There is nothing to be afraid of, as the bleeding is normal. But if you feel like you might be bleeding a lot more, then you can consult your doctor. Many women also complain of fever and even pus, during their bleeding.


Becoming a mother for the first time has many things that new moms might not be aware of, and hence might lead to panic. We strongly advise you to keep your doctor in the loop about every development that happens to you, and consult them if you feel like you need information about anything in particular.

Bleeding after you have given birth is a normal thing, and there is absolutely no need to worry about it. Share this with other moms if this has been helpful, and comfort them with the knowledge!

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