From ‘Unwell’ to ‘mfine‘ in 45 mins… without leaving the comfort of your home


Shruti came back from her usual playtime in the park. She was in high spirits as usual but her mother, Rina noticed a bit of sneezing and coughing. Sneezing seemed not to stop and by the time she was in the bed at 9 pm she got fever too, measuring 101 F.

Several questions came to the worried mother’s mind – 1) how bad this is going to be? 2) will she suffer through the night? and 3) Can she give the medicine she got at home? Wouldn’t it be great to have a Doctor that you can trust available for a consultation, while she is sitting next to her child, comforting her?

She decided to give mfine – a medical consultation app that she heard of recently, a try.

mfine is a healthcare companion that promises the comfort of medical care that’s high quality and trusted – just from the app on one’s phone. 

Rina quickly could give the symptoms that were bothering her child; Select the Hospital and the Doctor she wished to talk to and started her consultation within 10 mins. Mfine has senior Doctors from reputed Hospitals available for online consultations. Rina could do a chat and also Doctor could see Shruti over video. Rina could also upload past medical records and prescriptions and discuss with the Doctors, in detail, about what’s bothering her child. She got the prescription and other advice from the Doctor within the app.

In less than 45 mins, Shruti got the complete care right when she needed and that too, from the comfort of home.

As for Rina, no nagging doubts about self-medication, no confusion about remedies offered by Google and complete comfort in knowing that she could visit the same doctor in the hospital in case it’s ever needed.


As Rina explored the app further, she could see that, apart from bringing all nearby hospitals online and making them always available, mfine offers proactive care. She could experience medicine reminders, Doctors following up regarding her child’s health, keeping track and give her appropriate advice as her child recovers.

mfine wishes you and your family good health, always. However, when needed, it makes healthcare easily accessible so that you get the care when you need from the best of hospitals near you.

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