5 Signs Of Healthy Pregnancy

When you confirm your pregnancy don’t you just wish you had a little glass window so that you could peep and look at that adorable little human that’s growing inside of you!

7 weeks into pregnancy, you will begin to feel pregnant but not everybody will know that you’re expecting…probably because you don’t have a baby bump yet. Most of the pregnancy symptoms pop up due to the hormonal changes and they could help you in identifying if you are having a healthy pregnancy or not.    

1.Sore and sensitive breasts

It occurs during the first trimester in the very beginning. Your breasts will begin to feel tender due to the high levels of progesterone and estrogen. At this time, you will be a total wreck and you’ll be a little red angry bird. You will blame all your mood swings on those nasty hormones.

If this happens to you, just so you know your little munchkin is thriving happily in the womb. 

2. Spotting- light pink or brown

Seeing little spots of blood on your panties can make any woman anxious. You will find these spots after 10-14 days after conception. It could be indicating implantation bleeding. It could be telling you that your baby has attached itself inside your uterus. Since it travelled all the way from your fallopian tube after fertilization, it crash landed in your uterus and that’s exactly why you had that sudden back cramp and had blood spots in your panties.

3. Contractions

Braxton Hicks are nothing but fake contractions unlike the contractions experienced during labor. They are the painless and irregular bunch of contractions that happen during the second trimester but they are more prominent in the final trimester.

If you don’t have enough fluids, then you will be able to feel them as well. If you have them before 24 weeks of your pregnancy, it could also mean that you have a yeast infection!

4.Morning sickness

This is one of the most commonly occurring symptoms during pregnancy. It happens just after a week after you’ve missed your periods. You will be a puke machine by the time you are in the 7th week of your pregnancy.

If you find yourself feeling nauseous towards certain kind of smells and food, it is a healthy sign! It occurs due to an increase in a hormone called hCG (human chorionic growth hormone) which is produced by your placenta. If you don’t have morning sickness, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your baby is unhealthy.

5. Vaginal discharge

Yes, you will feel super wet down there due to the immense discharge produced by your body. What’s normal is the discharge being white, thin and milky. It will continue throughout your pregnancy. It protects your birth canal from infection.

You should visit a doctor if your discharge is clear, smells bad and has a weird yellow or green colour.

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