Here’s Why Women Gain Weight After Marriage

Marriage is like a fresh page of a brand new book. You get to create your own stories and write your experiences. It is the beginning of a remarkable journey with your life partner. This is typically the time when you will be able to know each other because you’ll be living together under the same roof.

Marriage is a significant event in the lives of a woman because she leaves her own home and sets off to make another home and raise a legacy with her partner. With so much pressure lingering over her, she tends to put on some weight.     

Women tend to add extra pounds to their bodies due to so many reasons. Experts say that there are few factors that are responsible for this kind of change in the physical appearance.

Here are few reasons why women put on weight after getting married:

Before you got married you were quite conscious about yourself. You used to maintain yourself by exercising regularly and eating healthy food. You used to dance, run, jump, skip and go cycling or on walks. Once you got hitched, all that has come to an abrupt halt.

You used to have a simple and light dinner before you got married. After marriage, you make wholesome dinner for your man and you enjoy heavy dinner together. This is probably because dinner is the only time when the two of you can eat together peacefully.

After getting married, women are more anxious about their safety in the new house. Since the whole idea of marriage is new, so they tend to be stressed out in the beginning phase of their wedding. This causes a drastic change in the physical appearance.

After getting married, maintaining yourself becomes so difficult because you really don’t care about your appearance anymore as you have a husband who loves you for who you are. So, food becomes your best friend and you cannot stop eating food. Be it those delicious and tangy chaat items or be it a platter full of paneer tikka, you want it all!

The most important reason why you’ve gained weight is because of all the sex you’ve been having. Since that is the only kind of physical exercise you’ve been having that too not so often, you must have gained weight. Basically, the hormones released ease your body and relaxes you completely. It leads you to fall asleep and therefore adding excessive weight. 

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