5 Pregnancy Tips That Might Come In Handy

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing things that happen in any woman’s life. It’s a celebration in its own right which fills not only the mother but the entire family with happiness and joy. Suddenly everything changes and everyone including you is waiting for the little one. But, it’s not easy to have a completely healthy newborn. A lot of things that the mother does affect the child’s health and so, some things need to be kept in mind during pregnancy. For that reason, we would like to present you with 5 tips that are sure to come in handy during your pregnancy.

1. The caffeine equation

We love coffee. Besides helping us stay awake during lazy work days, it also helps us stay active and happening. Sometimes it so happens that we just can’t live without having 4-5 cups of coffee in a day. But you are pregnant now and that means that the coffee you are drinking will affect your little one too. Studies have shown that caffeine in excess can have some ill-effects on the baby as it increases heart rate and blood pressure. So, it’s probably a good idea to dial down your caffeine during the time you are pregnant.

2. To hot tub or not

Who doesn’t love having a hot water bath every now and then? The hot bath promotes the release of certain enzymes in the body and also promote blood flow thereby reducing our stress. But, scientists have found that this might be dangerous for your unborn. Having body temperatures above 102 F increases the blood pressure to high levels which might have adverse effects on your child.

3. Watching out for smokers

Most of the women know that smoking is bad for their unborn’s health. But what they don’t know is that passive smoking ie., inhaling cigarette smoke when someone else is smoking is almost as bad as smoking yourself. Thus, it is important to stay away from smokers and their smoke.

4. Dealing with high heels

We know you love wearing heels and we completely support you wearing them too. But, the only exception that needs to be made is during pregnancy. Heels are all about center of gravity and how well you can keep it in line with your heels. But during pregnancy your belly bulges and grows, this moves your center of gravity thus increasing the chances of you falling down when wearing your favorite footwear. So, in order to remove any chances of that happening, take a break from heels for 9 months and then you can keep on wearing them once your baby is born.

5. Beware of what you eat

Food is something that we all love. It’s not only a necessity that we eat but also because it makes us feel good. And with a number of delicacies present in the world, we can never get tired of new dishes to try. But food products can be both healthy and harmful based on their ingredients and components. Especially when you are pregnant whatever you eat will affect your little one directly. So, it is really important that you watch what you eat before eating it.

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