5 Things An Expectant Dad Must Do

A pregnancy can be both a wonderful and difficult time for expectant parents. It is the best time for partners to strengthen and deepen their bond. Fathers showing their love and support to their wives can make their wives feel happy and stress-free. And you know what they all say – a happy mom means a happy baby.

Here’s how you can be the world’s best dad and the world’s best husband:

1. Be her support system

Pregnancy can be an emotional time for both of you. It is important to talk to her regularly about everything that is on her mind. Whether it is about pregnancy pain, her fears or her insecurities, you should remind her that you will be there for her at all times.

When she cries, cry with her. Talk to her about how you feel as well and that you can make it through anything as long as you work together as a team.

2. Attend prenatal visits together

When she goes for her prenatal visits, accompany her. This way you can learn a lot too. You may not be able to attend all of them, but do accompany her whenever you can. If she is going to a prenatal class, go with her at least 5 times. Learn what you can do to help.

When she is going for her first ultrasound, you should be there. You should also be there with her when her due date is nearing. Listening to your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is also something you should both experience together.

3. Discuss the delivery

You should talk to her about it all – what she expects you to do, who she wants to be around, and whether she wants pictures taken. If you do not want to witness it because the sight of blood makes you feel nauseous, talk to her about it.

It is better to discuss these things beforehand so that the delivery goes smoothly as planned. For example, if she would prefer to have her mother by her side during the delivery, you should make all the arrangements to ensure her mother is in the city before the D-Day.

4. Help her whenever, wherever

Make it a point to help her whenever you can. Cook up her breakfast every morning and serve it to her in bed. Make sure she has enough healthy snacks to grab whenever she wants to. Give her company on her new diet plan. If she has to give up junk food like those oily fried potato chips, then stop buying them.

If she is advised to walk outside every day, walk with her. Don’t stop this habit even after your baby is born. The two of you should be changing the same number of diapers every day. Chores should be divided equally so that nobody feels burdened. During the pregnancy, you should be willing to do a couple extra chores since she won’t be able to do as much.

5. Tell her how beautiful she is

It is quite common for pregnant women to feel less than attractive while they are pregnant due to feeling bloated all the time. She may have gained some weight too and may feel like you don’t find her attractive anymore. But you know how beautiful she really is – carrying your little one makes her look even more beautiful. This is why it is important to tell her how beautiful she is every day. 


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