Despite of any Mommy type..Isn’t it????

Motherhood is hard and it’s scary.
we are not wrong or bad as long as we love our children.
Then what is our type???
Despite of any type isn’t it????
-we all need mommy friends?
-we all talk about our nine months pregnancy journey?
-we all talk about different nappy brands?
-we all discuss about the different health issues of our child?
-we all try to find someone somewhere to feel comfortable to talk about?
-we all can’t remember how it feels not to be tired?
-we all need more support less judgement?
-we all are doing such an awesome job that we should be proud on our self?
-we all are not that never ending support to our family?
-we all feel super happy when someone offers to babysit?
-we all actually don’t sleep just worry with the eyes closed?
-we all agree that our kid is the most valuable person we could ever hold?
we all are not wrong or bad as long as we love our children…and there is no such types in motherhood…let’s celebrate all the powerful women and their journey. 
Motherhood Rocks!!!!!!

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