Hair Removal During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of joy but it also brings about major changes in your body. You might notice the growth of hair in places that were baby smooth before. Ah, the irony! Or there are chances that your body hair is thicker and longer than before.

You might be a little hesitant when it comes to hair removal techniques because..well, it just seems like something risky. But fret not, we’re here to help you choose a hair removal method that is best suited for you so that you don’t have to sweat in thick clothes that cover every inch of your skin. You deserve to rock those shorts and skirts without a problem!


1. Is shaving safe?

If Shaving is your go-to method like a lot of us then you’ll be happy to know that shaving is perfectly safe during pregnancy. Take precaution to not shave while standing up because your balance will be a little wobbly. Use a shaving cream that is not filled with chemicals and make use-and-throw blades your best friend (you don’t have to worry about hygiene that way) Of Course the danger of nicks and cuts is always present but that seems like a small bargain to having a pain-free and comfort-of-your-home experience.

As your belly grows it might become more and more difficult to shave your legs or down there so you might want to consider some other option when you’re heavily pregnant.

2. Um…what about waxing?

If you’re someone that is willing to bear a little pain so that your skin stays hair-free for long, then waxing is the right choice for you. Waxing during pregnancy does not harm you or your baby in any way. But a lot of pregnant woman report than it is more painful during pregnancy because the nerve endings are sensitive.

Despite it all, if you have your heart set on waxing then make sure to see a professional and ask for a test patch before she goes on to full-body-waxing mode. Also consult your doctor once before getting a wax, there might be specific reasons why you shouldn’t but in most cases, pregnant women get a free pass when it comes to waxing.

3. Is it just the smell of Hair removal creams that should worry you?

Hair removal creams seem like an easy, quick and pain-free solution to getting rid of hair but doctors recommend that you skip them during pregnancy. Think about it, that horrible, horrible stink is your body hair being burned off. This is possible only if the cream is filled to the brim with chemicals. It gets soaked into your skin so it might harm your baby but there are not enough studies to prove it either way.

4. Do not consider laser treatments

Laser treatments are a great, more or less permanent solution to have a smooth skin, that is, only if you’re not pregnant. In this, the laser is targeted towards the hair follicle to prevent it from further growth. Doctors recommend that you skip laser treatments when you’re carrying your baby. It might cause pain, skin pigmentation and most of the hair growth you saw during pregnancy will disappear a few months after you give birth anyway, so why risk it?

5. Threading can do no harm

Shaving and waxing are usually done for large patches of hair growth but let’s not forget the pesky hair on the chin or the grizzly eyebrows we end up with if they’re not tended to. Threading is perfectly safe as it is neither a medical procedure nor does it involve the use of any chemicals. You can even pluck a few hairs here and there using a tweezer. 

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