Your Ovulation Schedule – The Key To Finding The Right Time

There is always a right time for all the good things to start. Conceiving a baby is not an easy task but if you have lady luck on your side, it could happen when you’re least expecting it!

Ladies, if you’re trying to get pregnant and still haven’t been able to conceive, you should be trying to keep a track of your ovulation cycle.

Here’s how you can do it-

What is ovulation?

Your body is constantly producing eggs each and every month hoping for a sperm to fuse with it and form a zygote. In order to let that fusion happen your body needs to be ovulation ready.

Ovulation is when the ovaries release a mature egg from the fallopian tube and it is pushed down to get fertilized.

The different phases of your menstrual cycle:

The Follicular Phase

The phase begins on the first day of your last menstrual period and it continues till your ovulation phase.

The Luteal Phase

This is the phase which encapsulates your second half of the cycle and it continues from the date of your ovulation till your next period.

Did you know?

Things like stress, disruption of normal routine like irregular sleep cycle, food intake can affect the ovulation cycle.

The Right Time

This is basically your fertile window in which the chances of you conceiving is at peak. To know when you’re ovulating, all you have to do is know the length of your menstrual cycle. It usually ranges from 28-35 days for different women.

So, the day you had your first bleeding of your previous cycle to the first day of bleeding of your next cycle. The number you get, subtract 14 days from it from the end. The number you obtain is the day you should be ovulating.

Ovulation for women with Irregular periods

If your periods are irregular as in the length of your cycle varies from month to month, you can opt for ovulation urine test which will help you in being more accurate about your ovulation dates. You could also talk to your fertility specialist too if you’re still unsure.

When should I be having sex?

If you have sex 6 days before you ovulate, you will not get pregnant! If you have sex 5 days before the date of your ovulation, you have a15% chance of having a baby!

To conceive successfully, you must engage in some ‘sexy time’ approximately 1-2 days before you begin ovulating.Even if you did it 24 hours after your ovulation phase, you could still have a fair chance of conceiving.

When will the implantation occur?

The process of implantation generally takes 6-12 days after you finish your ovulation phase. Once the zygote is fertilized the implantation occurs. The egg begins to rapidly divide into many cells and it moves towards the lining of the uterus to develop further. 

If you’ve missed your periods and have spotting and cramping..congratulations!! You’re about to become a MOM!!!


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