Anemia during pregnancy is quite normal. It is caused when there is a lack of red blood cells. A woman’s body has a certain number of red blood cell count that fluctuates when she gets pregnant. The moment the red blood cell count falls beyond a safe level, there is a high chance of anemia. When there is a drop in blood cells, the transfer of oxygen through healthy red blood cells from the lungs to the body tissue reduces drastically.


It’s that time in your life when you need lots of great advice! The growing belly, body fatigue, tired feet, itchy skin, and morning sickness; moms-to-be need some really good advice that works. There is plenty, more than we actually want, but whether it’s useful or not, that’s something to ponder. As a mom-to be, wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone offered to rub your feet or make some ginger ale for you?