IPhone, iPad, tablet, kindle, Xbox is attracting gadgets which constantly ring in a child’s ear these days. A kid holding the latest technology has been no news of late. At times, it’s the kids who teach us how to operate one of these gadgets. Gone were the days where we were unaware of cell phones or any gadgets till we arrived at our high school. With current trends, parents themselves surrender by handing over the gadgets as a way to pacify their children and as an entertaining and educational tool. But later on, it becomes an alarming sight.


Now why do you think that, this is a common reaction to food? Feeding a toddler has never been an easy task. Just like us they expect the food to match their tastes and preferences. They seem to be the quickest in identifying the flavor profiles of food, especially the ones they dislike.


As much as we all love children, they can be a handful at times. In India especially it is normal to hire help with your child. The person you hire must be motherly. She must be positive. She must be a lot of things as she will be creating an impression for your child. So while hiring someone here are a few important qualities you need to look out for!